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Best Steps for Career in Writing & Career as A Writer

Friends, in today’s time, it has become much easier to make a career as a writer. Since the advent of Google, YouTube, blogs and other social media, it has become much easier and easier to make a career as a writer of any language.

But due to this ease, the number of people in the field of writing has increased a lot and the level of writing has also deteriorated significantly. While it is much easier to become a writer, it is much more difficult to establish yourself as a writer. In this article you will read how as a writer making a career can be.

Best Steps for Career in Writing & Career as A Writer

Types of Writers
A writer is required in almost every office. According to the authors of different offices, the authors are classified on the following basis. The income of writers with different works is also different.

Technical Writer Technical Writer: – This type of writer writes about technology. In this, many types of equipment and other tools related to technology are used and written about them. This type of writer is associated with engineering and manufacturing. If you become such a writer, then your annual income may average Rs 6-7 lakh. In today’s time, when the world has moved closer in terms of technology and everything is based on machines, the need of technical writers has increased a lot.
NGO: – This type of writer writes to express his opinion on various social issues and this type of writer is often associated with NGOs. Significantly, such writers are associated with different organizations and they write lobbying documents and other documents for them. The average annual income of such writers is Rs 4-5 lakhs.
Scientific Writer Science Writer: – If you are connected with science and you have a special interest in science then you can become this type of writer. It is important to note that such writers write on different aspects related to science and their aim is to make science accessible to the people. Such writers are mostly employed in science labs. If you become such a writer, then your average annual income can be Rs 8-9 lakhs.
Script writer Screen writer: – If you have a good understanding in your imagination and you write fictional stories, then you can become a script writer. It is important to note that such type of writers are in great demand today. If you join TV after becoming such a writer, then your income can also be in crores. On an average, such writers earn a total of Rs 10-12 lakhs annually.
Copywriter Copywriter: – This type of writers are needed in almost every office. If you can attract people to your article by writing attractive articles, then you can become such a writer. Such type of content is often written by such writers to promote the working institute and tell the people about the goods being sold by the institute.
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What to read to become a writer? What to read to become a writer?
To become a writer it is very important to have a good grasp of the language. If you are a Hindi writer, then you should know the nuances of Hindi. To become a writer one can go from diploma to degree.

When choosing a different course related to writing, you should know what you want to do in writing or how skilled you are. To become a writer the following studies can be done: –

Diploma: – Diploma in writing can be taken after class XII. If you feel that you would like to see whether you can write or not, or if you are interested in writing before you spend more time on writing, you can do a diploma. By doing this you will know whether you can work in the field of writing.
Bachelor Degree: – Bachelor degree can be done to proceed in writing. For this, you have to do Bachelor in literature of your particular language. For example, if you write in Hindi, Bachelor in Hindi Literature, and if you write in English, Bachelor in English Literature. Take a bachelor’s degree only when you have made up your mind about writing. Stream taken in class XII will not matter for doing Bachelor.
Master’s Degree: – If you have done Bachelor Degree and want to move towards writing, you can do Master. You should have completed your Bachelor degree before mastering and the subject in which you want to master must be a part of Bachelor.
How much can be earned? Earnings as a Writer
As a writer, your work efficiency and your writing area determine your income. Where and for whom you are writing also matters as a writer.

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If you write for a multinational company then your income can be in crores as well and if you write for a daily newspaper then you will get a monthly salary of 20-30 thousand rupees.

Where can I read? Where to study?
To become a writer, you have to take courses like graduation and post graduation. You can do such courses from any university near you.

How to become a freelance writer? How to become an Independent writer?

In today’s time, when technology has advanced a lot, you can establish yourself as a writer without a degree or diploma. However, it will be much more difficult and your income will neither be fixed nor fixed. To become a freelance writer follow the following steps: – 

  1. First identify the writing area in which you are most skilled. Such as: – Entertainment, Technology, Fact etc. 
  2. After that start your own magazine or create your own blog. 
  3. Publish your articles on the blog.
  4. Promote the blog on social media when the number of articles is maximum.

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